Saturday, 9 May 2009

Housekeeping Bits & The Disney Design-a-Tee

Housekeeping bits first then on with business ...

My interview with My Child editor Tara is up here. Go have a look if you want to know a bit more about me.

Don't forget the Lego Duplo giveaway deadline is 4pm Tuesday. The Duplo has arrived and the boxes are bigger than I expected! For a chance to enter just leave a comment here.

The answer to my answers on a postcard ... or a comment box post on Saturday was SNAIL ... obviously

Disney Design-a-Tee

Whilst at Walt Disney World we got to design our own t-shirts at the Disney Design-a-Tee shop.

We customised our t-shirts on a touch screen where we could select our favourite T-shirt colour, size and style and choose from more than 400 pieces of character art. we added our own words, but you can also add pre-selected phrases too.

My friend the Dulwich Divorcee was told that Mickey and divorce don't go together when she tried to make her t-shirt. You can read about her hilarious and heart warming quest for Mickey here.

Erica, who has a penchant for Baileys (but never drinks, oh no) was also told that Mickey and alcohol don't go together.

Realising that I wouldn't be able to make a wholesome t-shirt for myself I made one for the 4 year old with her name and some blatant advertising of my blog and she loves it.

It came in a great little bag that has already been utilised as a sleeping bag for a variety of soft toys.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely t-shirt!
What do you mean Mickey and alcohol don't go together?! Surely he loves a tipple! Don't be fooled by his clean-cut appearance.

Littlemummy said...

Great interview, the little on is sooooo cute

Linda said...

Love the MyChild interview - wrote for them a couple of years back, I'll have you know. x

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Mickey definitley has the odd cheeky drink and a bit of helium now and then I'd say from the voice. Have just been introduced to Exmoor Jane via Chrome on the Range (Rob-bear) will check out your other Disney buddies' blogs too.

Dulwich Divorcee said...

Loved your interview! And doesn't your daughter look gorge in her Tshirt? Hope you don't mean my quest for Mickey in the way that someone might mean if they knew what Mickey meant, if you see what I mean?! Mind you, it's all true, so true ...xx