Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Elephantitis, auras, chuntering and narcolepsy

The wonderful Sarah (Disney Head of PR for the UK) looked after us all week and it was only when she left us at Orlando airport that it was apparent how much we had relied upon her. After Linda got a bottle of champagne confiscated at bag scanning we got onto the wrong monorail. Poor lost bloggers.

There was no Premium Economy upgrade this time. Jane checked our auras whilst we waited to be called for boarding. We were all fine apart from English Mum whose aura was depleted. At least she had one though. No aura, no fly.

Further integration into normal life followed when I stood back aghast that the toilets at the airport were not self flushing and the taps were not sensor led. We had been spoilt.

The flight was as expected … chewy beef stew, watching films with one working headphone (at one point I thought I may have gone deaf in one ear due to the screaming on the rollerccoasters), a breakfast muffin which had runny cheese covering its innards. The cheese had a consistency I have never experienced before and hopefully will never again.

When we reached Gatwick I said goodbye to my six new friends. It was a sad moment. We had experienced so much in our week away and I felt bereft as I wandered aimlessly round the South Terminal. Who would make me laugh now?

The fatigue slowly crept up. I had five hours to waste and I could have slept standing up. I felt like a cross between Tom Hanks in The Terminal and a zombie in Night of the Living Dead.

As I slowly lost the will to live the music in the terminal got more bizarre. It swung from plinky plonky show tunes to suicide inducing Russian love ballads. I considered falling asleep on a bench but panicked that I would never wake and miss my flight.

Every time I thought of my children I got teary. At times I heard Linda’s chuntering or Lulu laughing. Of course I was hallucinating.

Finally I got my flight. It was pain free and I slept in a bobbing head fashion on and off. I think the woman next to me thought I had narcolepsy.

In desperate anticipation of seeing my children I got my 100th and final wind. My bag couldn’t come out on the conveyor belt fast enough and I nearly sprinted through arrivals.

The 4 year old clung to me for dear life, the 3 year old looked at me all red cheeked and asked for his present. I wondered if he had missed me as much as his sister, but then he grabbed my hand and didn’t let go until we reached the car.

When we got home and the children had stroked all their presents and the 4 year old had stared at me repeatedly (just checking I was really back) I put them to bed and realised just how much I had missed their cuddles and reading to them at night.

I lay on the sofa, ate pizza and admired my swollen ankles. I looked like I had elephantitis. I went to bed at 8.45 and only woke in the middle of the night when husband came to bed. I was having a beautiful Disney dream … all sparkly and awesome.

Husband has been brilliant. Apart from doing a sterling job with the children he let me waffle on all the way back from the airport (a bit like the irritating 'when I was at band camp' girl from American Pie), let me sleep in this morning and has brought me a cup of tea. The only problem I have now is weaning the children off midget gems.

This morning I am walking around as if I have pooed myself. I haven't but I am aching all over. It's either whiplash or my body has seized up because I have stopped walking everywhere at top speed. Either way I wish I could have another swedish massage.

Things I have thought about this morning and laughed to myself in a slightly crazy manner about;

Linda sending a text message accidentally telling people she had tried crack for the first time, when in fact she was eating crab

Seeing the Wishes firework show and getting teary – I don’t do emotional

The US blogger uber mummy who kept asking us to say ‘brilliant’ and ‘lovely’

Linda’s synopsis of Gran Torino on our return flight … grumpy bigoted bugger … chunter … Chinese girl … chunter … next door neighbour … chunter … bloody dead …. Chunter … crap.

The best beef I’ve EVER tasted at Citricos

Travelling Premium Economy and bonding with Jane over hot towels, Woody Allen and the skymap

Seeing Cinderella’s castle for the first time which filled me with joy

Mr Incredible doing press ups at the Move it Shake it Celebrate it street party – I think I fell in love momentarily with a cartoon character

Erica squeezing my arm so hard on Dinosaur that I have a bruise

The Aerosmith Rock ‘n’ Roller rollercoaster which was the by far the best and English Mum confessing as we were about to step onto it that this was her 'first time' in a laid back manner


Gaston Studio said...

Whew! I'm exhausted from just reading this!


Linda said...

Chuntering? I'll give you chuntering.

I have just scalded my foot in the bath, chunter chunter.

Glad to see you have got back okay in the end, there were a few tears when we had a "group hug".

I think we should have an annual pilgrimage by the way. The fact it will have to be the old Butlins at Pwhelli is beside the point!

Thank you soooooooooo much for making the last week so amazingly, wetting-pantsly, (I don't think that is a real word) fun.

Littlemummy said...

I did the bobbing head thing and managed to completely miss the coffee, I could have been flying easyjet for all I knew!

My hubby was also very nice even taking Erin out to grab some tea for us while I had a bath.

My Mum came up with a good idea with the reunions we could do a round robin to everyone's city, I could do bad video of reunion with ridiculous commentary, really, I don't mind... :)

Under the Influence said...

No wonder your body hurts!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Wow, it sounds amazing. I'm sad I missed it but I've been experiencing it vicariously through you lot. I bet your kn*ckered and yet you've done some stellar blogging while you've been away young lady. Blumming brilliant. :D

Jo Beaufoix said...

I'm sure I just commented but I may be going mad. I was going to to add that I was also very impressed with your husband doing his blogging bit. Yay.

ModernMom said...

What a fabulous post. I'm tired after just reading about you having to get your "100th and final wind". Sounds like you had a great trip and are right back where you belong.

family affairs said...

lovely post - glad you're enjoying being back with your kids....or have you got over that yet? V pleased to see you're still a "blogspot"' and not a dot com!! Getting paranoid L x

Merrily Down the Stream said...

What is chuntering? Your clueless American friend...

The Book Chook said...

I for one am glad you are home safe, and not suffering terrible diseases, which the post title had me fearing!