Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The Morning Log

The 2 year old is almost ready for potty training. I am dragging my heels slightly because he starts pre-school this week and I want to get that ordeal over and done with before we embark on flying with no nappy. He likes to perch on the toilet before his bath, dismissing the potty. He likes to announce during dinner in a loud voice that he is doing a wee. It turns out he also likes to poo on the carpet first thing in the morning.

I was alerted to the morning log by my husband who is usually in a coma first thing but had got up to investigate the clattering noises in the 2 year olds bedroom. I then heard a desperate beckoning. My first thought was that our intrepid early morning adventurer had covered himself head to toe in nappy cream … again. But, no, I was greeted by a cream carpet with a flat semicircle of poo. The arc had been created by the poo being deposited behind the door, then the door being swished back and forth at least 20 times. I can only imagine the look of glee on his face upon swish three as he stood back and admired his work.

An artist by the name of Chris Ofili created a controversial painting of the Virgin Mary using elephant dung and sold it for a fortune. I’m thinking of asking the 2 year old to try and create a vision of Christ tomorrow morning.

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