Tuesday, 5 May 2009

If it’s not one thing it’s another.

This month’s ‘thing’ is that our landlady called the day before I went to Walt Disney World, Florida to say she’s decided to sell our house. We have lived here for almost three years and thought we’d be here for at least one more. She said we could stay … bottom lip quivering.

So, this morning I have been on the house trail. Because we need something with four bedrooms it is proving difficult. Today we have seen three.

Dream Home … The first house was absolutely beautiful with loads of period features and five bedrooms. There is a nice garden to the front, a large yard perfect for Barbie and Spiderman bikes at the back, two minutes from the train station and ten minutes from the 4 year olds school. The problem: it is slightly more than we are paying for this, plus someone else is interested and can move in before us.

Bunga Bunga … There is a house that backs onto ours. Over the fence and from the outside it is splendid with a huge garden complete with small stream running through it. The removal costs would be minimal as we would just pass things back and forth over the fence. Husband would be able to check on the progress of his cabbages and peas with the possibility of taking them with him. Appearances can be deceptive though, especially in this case. Everything is botched and falling apart. I couldn’t swing a rabbit in the bedrooms for fitted wardrobes … if I had a rabbit that is.

Ukrainian Topsy Turvy Bunga Bunga… The third house, owned by a lovely Ukrainian man had the right amount of bedrooms but was an upside down house, with all living space on the upper floor. It was very strange, an upside down bungalow. The lovely Ukrainian man told us that he was moving to the Ukraine to die … which was nice. I don’t think he meant straight away, more of an “I was born there and I shall die there” way.


Single Parent Dad said...

Good luck with the dream home, or finding another similar.

Yummy Mammy said...

Oh no. It's a nightmare house hunting especially when you like where you are because nothing else is ever quite just right.

Been loving the disney updates and very jealous that I didn't get to go too xx

Nicola said...

Love the Bunga Bunga expression! Good luck with the search. Sit and visualise it all falling into place for just 2-3 mins every night/morning/whenever. The universe will listen to you and present a solution, honest. Best of British luck!!!!

Amy said...

House hunting is so stressful.

Moving there to die - odd way to say it!

amy said...

good finding your dream home x

Kat said...

Ok, I just had to laugh at the Ukrainian man. I think some things are completely lost in translation sometimes. My husband bought me a coffee mug home from Romania that says "Have Some Taste of Romania" on the side of it. I have been laughing at it for 3 days now.