Monday, 5 January 2009

Mamma Mia here I Go Again

Well, one day in and we are all back to normal. The children are fighting, I feel stressed and the husband and I are bickering over how many balls of tagliatelle to have for tea.

I made a concerted effort not to rush the 4 year old before school which was difficult as we didn’t wake up until 30 minutes before we are supposed to leave. Yet another day at the office with my hair looking like an unkempt hedge as I tried to cram two weeks work into my six hour day.

I arrived at school to pick the children up. It turns out that one of our OAP childminding duo is unwell and has spent time in hospital. She is still there, and has been since Boxing Day. This I know because the OAP childminder man shuffled the 2 year old to school to meet me at 3.30pm. He brought the wrong bag and my son was wearing someone else’s trousers. I thought this quite apt as he has watched Wallace & Grommit’s Wrong trousers approximately 347 times during the holidays. He didn’t see the joke. When we arrived home he demanded to go to the toilet and revealed that he was wearing a pull up nappy too. The childminder had got the children and their bags totally mixed up.

This was all by the by, because 10 minutes after we were home the bickering started which fuelled some red in the faced shouting from me. The day was partially saved by the 4 year olds dancing show to the music from Mamma Mia which was accompanied by her brothers wailing. I did snigger at him when he did a swan like dive on the floor. But, the reason for the dive was because I wouldn’t feed him chocolate 10 minutes before bed and it WAS funny.

My husband pointed out, quite rightly that our children had returned from school even more irritating than usual …which was punctuated by the 4 year olds desire to have the last words ‘No we’re not’.


Robert said...

My 7 year old starts school again tomorrow and my 3 year old starts pre-school om Wednesday. I'll be able to ease myself into the routine.

...I hope!

Dave Fowler said...

I feel for you. I'm living this exact dream at the moment. School has not turned out to be the saviour I was hoping it would be. Pah!!

The Grocer said...

Oh, Ditto,ditto,ditto, nobody's talking here. Stumpy started kicking the buggy when I told him we needed to stop in aT M&S on the way home.

Tara@Sticky Fingers said...

My two don't go back until tomorrow, but I've already instigated the 'no more chocolate in the week' rule which they shouted and screamed and called me names for over an hour.
And I just know the minute they walk in the door they'll be all 'can we have a chocolate biscuit?'. I should have confessed and told them they are all gone and they won't be back while this family shapes up for 2009!

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Oh NO!!!! You are bursting my bubble - i was so hoping school would be the cure-all. Mine don't start til Wednesday and we are ALL totally addicted to sweets now. ARGHHHHHH!

The Book Chook said...

Even when you're having a lousy day, you still make me laugh, once at unkempt hedge and then at "NO, we're not!"

I miss young kids so much. I am not allowed to laugh at anything my 21- year-old says, and my step daughters have seemingly chosen dogs over children. I do get to borrow my neighbour's and friends' children, but it is not the same as having them there as a constant joy. (! I'm serious!)

I so enjoy reading the lively adventures of Batman and his sister!