Saturday, 17 January 2009

Leftovers - a bit of idle wittering

This post was going to be called 'The Sunday Roast' but I got distracted by by a hangover ... caused by too much red wine on Saturday night.

It's just a little catch up ...

We had friends for dinner on Saturday night. Their dog is a quarter the size of our dog and spent the evening trying to hump her ... a total of 263 times. Our poor dog was exhausted from trying to avoid his advances, which were more aimed towards her head than anywhere else.

Husband decided to cook tapas which normally takes him hours if not 2 days. 3 hours before our guests arrived he decided to go on a bike ride with the dog. She runs alongside him, she does not sit side saddle. When he returned he decided it was a good idea to bath the dog and then dry her with the hairdryer.

Whilst tidying the house in preparation for our guests I discovered the 2 year old's party list (see Let Them Eat Cake). It mysteriously reappeared from under a pile of things on my desk. I now know EXACTLY how many children are attending the 2 year olds party. All I need to get is the cake. I don't think M&S do Batman cakes and anyone who suggests I could make one should bask in their cake making skills whilst I wallow in mine.

House tidy I decided to bath the children. By now we were up against the clock and to my horror I found what looked like yeti shavings in the bath. Moments before our guests arrived I was gathering enough hair to make a wig for Terry Wogan. Despite the smell of wet dog the evening went well and I was last seen at 1am playing on the Wii, of course.

Husband's Party ... is on the same day as the 2 year olds in 2 weeks time. Am I a glutton for punishment or just plain foolish? Yes and yes. The DJ is now unable to attend and the venue smelt 'musty' when we inspected it last week. I have persuaded the husband that taking the Wii to the party would not be 'good fun' for anyone other than him.

What does he want for his birthday? Well ... either a very expensive set of knives or one of these. I told you before, cooking is his third love. First and second? Guitar Hero and football.

Speaking of Guitar Hero, he recently renamed his band. It was Jumbo Ballsack, it is now Stinking Buttcrack. I for one can't wait for 4 year old to tell her teacher that snippet of information.

I have tennis elbow, repeptitive strain of my right arm due to excessive Wii tennis. Husband and I have been playing nightly tournaments. It's getting serious. He spends most of the time working out how to make the ball spin really fast and failing.

Last night he flung himself into the curtains and hurt his back convinced that if he moved his entire body right then he would get the perfect shot. On Friday I almost destroyed an overhead glass light fitting with my serving force. It is now held together with hair clips.


The Dotterel said...

Strange things happen in your house, Laura. Like having a hangover from Saturday evening, yet posting before the event had happened. Not the next doctor, are you?

Stinking Billy said...

Laura, 'Stinking' Buttcrack, eh? I am honoured, lover, I really am. It came from you, didn't it - tell the truth? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've been having a fun time! We bought Wii Fit which I think is fantastic and great entertainment for the whole family.

CJ xx

Susanna (A Modern Mother) said...

Don't stress, I'll make you a cake.

Aren't you lucky having a foodie hubby? My can't even make coffee. I'm not joking.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee, sounds something like our house, especially ther interesting band names, snort. And I will be sending questions over soon. Do you want silly or serious or a bit of both??

Laura said...

Dotterel - I have been trying to work out what you meant about all that Dr Who business. I've now realised it says Saturday at the top of my post. I posted it today (Monday - just in case). My blog must be annoyed with me for not posting every day!

Stinking Billy - I would liek to say yes, however, he needed abolsutely no encouragement.

CJ - I've heard lots of good things about Wii Fit. I might never leave the house agin if we get it.

Susanna - Looking forward to that cake. Can't even make a coffee? Makes me sound good!