Sunday, 4 January 2009

A Cavernous Cavity

Husband is a fantastic cook and my services are very rarely required. He is the king of Sunday roasts and this morning bought the ingredients for a chicken dinner … and then promptly vanished to bed to have man flu. He cocooned himself in the duvet and shivered for five hours.

I was left holding the chicken as it were. This is fairly appalling to admit but, I am 30 years old have no idea what to do with a whole chicken. I have no problem with rustling up a bog standard meal, but a whole roast chicken is definitely husbands department.

I tried to shove a lemon and several garlic cloves into its neck stump instead of its rear cavity, I then covered it with olive oil and nearly dropped the slippery sucker when transferring it to the roasting dish. It is only because the husband mentioned basting during one of my ‘check on the man with man flu’ trips that I didn’t present the children with meat the consistency of one of Ghandi’s flip flops.

It was delicious; I sat with the children and told them what a wonderful chicken it was and how lucky they were to have a Mummy that could cook such a splendid roast. They agreed with everything I said because they didn’t want to eat their broccoli.

Husband ate his later when he had stopped shivering. He hasn’t yet passed comment on the quality which can only mean that he is frightened of losing his ‘Best British Roaster’ title … ahem.


The Dotterel said...

But Ghandi's flip-flops must have been very, very tasty!

Tara@Sticky Fingers said...

I can just picture the scene.
Mummy hovering over the kids: "you WILL enjoy your dinner . . . "
Shesh, some mums will do anything for a bit of praise. x

Jen said...

Good for you, I love a good roast chicken but for the longest time I too was very frightened of the bird.

Mary T said...

You got off lightly Laura, I still can't bring myself to eat chicken.

Robert said...

This might be the start of something new for you! My wife "discovered" she could prepare a meal one time when my services weren't available. Now she not only prepares meals (infrequently, I must admit, but much better than hardly at all), but also experiments with ingredients, coming up with new mouth-watering flavours! I've got competition!

Dave Fowler said...

That’s a clucking pain in the parson’s nose. The hubby getting the man flu. Bad deal.

May I offer you my thanks on behalf of men everywhere for acknowledging the existence of man flu and not trying to debunk the idea as being utter patheticness.

You did a fine job. Ghandi himself would have been proud.

Sandi McBride said...

I feel so sorry for the family and so envious of you...a man that cooks? Voluntarily? Really? Help that man over the flu, you're missing out on some good eats, I'm sure!