Monday, 3 November 2008

Little Miss Attitude

She’s 4 years old going on 13. I just don’t know where she gets it from ….
  • She speaks first, thinks later.
  • If she has too much sugar (a droplet of Ribena and a Jelly Baby is enough) she shouts like a bellowing bison in her sleep.
  • She tells you “I know that” with an air of authority before you’ve finished your sentence.
  • She doesn’t like boys, she only likes girls … but she likes her brother … but not always.
  • She wants pasta for tea … no, she wants chicken … no, she wants sausages … no, she definitely wants pasta
  • She wants to marry her brother even though she likes her brother … but not always.
  • If something doesn’t happen fast enough (like NOW) she weeps with frustration.
  • She doesn’t want school dinners she wants a packed lunch … but she still wants to have rice pudding on a plate and the chocolate with onions in it.
  • She loves PE because she plays the ‘toilet’ game (it is genuine) but hates PE because she can’t get her tights back on without assistance.
  • When playing games she has exasperating determination – she takes her father’s ethos of “you play to win at ALL costs”.
  • She wants to wear shorts and a vest because it’s frosty outside and the sun is bound to come out later because she’s been crossing her fingers.

I find the whole thing baffling.

The 2 year old sticks his tongue out and blows a raspberry if life isn’t going his way. Now that I understand.

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The Grocer said...

I'm reconciled to losing my mind as my daughter gets older. Boys I can deal with but girls, they just put on those cute eyes and kill you, dead in your tracks.