Thursday, 27 November 2008

Things I have said to my children recently …

  • “Don’t drink that, you brother may have had a wee in it”
  • “Maybe the dog doesn’t want you to ride on her back”
  • “Are you eating hair again?”
  • “Go dance in the garage with Daddy”
  • “Santa can only carry so much on his teeny tiny sleigh”
  • “It’s not nice to say fat. Perhaps you should just say that man is very, very big”


The Dotterel said...

Understand all of those (and may even have used them myself) - except four. Why the garage?

Stinking Billy said...

You are ahead of your time, sweetheart, Take a bow.

Laura said...

Dotterel - We were at a birthday party. All the men folk had gathered in the garage for a man chat ... about fireworks and maybe lawnmowers ... and football!? The 2 year old was dancing and I told him to seek out his Dad in the garage to show him his moves.

Stinking Billy - Not sure I understand, however it is late and I am tired, so apologies if I am being slow!

The Grocer said...

Fancy having to gather in the garage, don't they have a shed?