Monday, 13 April 2009

We have a family tradition ... update

We met at my sisters house on Easter Sunday. The children hunted for chocolate eggs in the garden. The dog joined in too and I am looking forward to picking up metallic poos from our garden.

We went to the park for our egg rolling and found a fantastic hill, complete with kamikazee rocks and tree roots for a bit of added excitement.

I didn't win ... my niece did, she was overcome with emotion as she has never won before.

My egg is the golden one in the green box, next to the black sheep.

The 3 year old came third. Perhaps with a weekly training session the 3 year old will win next year.

... then I can live the winning of the egg rolling cup through his eyes (and pretend the trophy is mine giving oscar style acceptance speeches in the mirror when I'm alone).


Gaston Studio said...

Hey, at least it'll be easy to spot the poop... it'll sparkle!

ModernMom said...

This is the second time I have heard of egg rolling. I'll have to google some pics of this sporty little event. Clearly not a Canadian past time, more often then not our hills still have snow at Easter. LOL