Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I only wear big pants to bed ...

So, the trip of a lifetime is getting closer.

We have received our itinerary and it's going to be non stop.

Non stop eating, rides, shows (Did you know there is such a thing as Finding Nemo - The Musical?) … early starts. I will be found slumped at the end of the table most mornings with bloodshot eyes and a caffeine drip.

I have started having anxiety dreams which I tend to get before I go away anywhere, with or without the children. This is coupled with anxiety filled wittering when I am left to think alone for too long. The good news is that the anxiety ends on the day of travel, which is good news for my fellow travellers.

I realised the anxiety levels were rising last night when the husband was engrossed in his book. I lay next to him firing ridiculous questions about time zones, hair straighteners and adaptor plugs.

After getting little response I lay there having conversations with myself, in my head of course;

Do I take the ipod? The ipod, thing of beauty, was a 30th birthday present. It is now a family pet. Can I justify taking it away from my children for my own pleasure? What will they sing to over their cereal? Could they just jam in a freestyle manner to Mamma Mia without music? Will I need to listen to music when no doubt Disney will be piped full of irritating theme tunes. Yes, I need to take the ipod or ear plugs.

Will I be sick on a rollercoaster? I have never been sick on a rollercoaster. Why would I be sick on a rollercoaster?

When I am sick on the rollercoaster will I be sick on one of my new blogging friends?

What do I take on a ten hour flight? I can only stuff so much in the laptop case. Do I need some of those attractive stockings to prevent DVT?

Will I sleepwalk? The last episode of sleepwalking was circa 1996 when I woke up running down the stairs … away from the huge mechanical spider which was trying to eat me.

Will I sleepwalk into the corridor and out of the hotel and be found on a rollercoaster the following morning?

I only wear big pants to bed. Should I buy some pyjamas?

I was busted last week. The 4 year old found out about my solo trip. She was fairly cool about it.

The house was empty and I decided to watch a promotional DVD someone has given me about Walt Disney World, Florida. Having never visited Disney I thought it would give me an overview of what to expect. Just as I was getting into it the house was awash with people. The 4 year old plonked herself down.

4 year old - Oooooh Cinderella

Me - Yes, it is

4 year old - Look at all those children. Is that where we're going?

Me - Well, here's the thing, next week I am going there for 'work'.

4 year old - Without me?

Me - Yes, for 'work'

4 year old - But there are children there.

Me - Yes, but I have to go with other adults, there are no children going

4 year old - OK, but you will get me a photo of Cinderella won't you

Me - Yes, WOW look at that rollercoaster, that's looks fast. I wonder if anyone is ever sick on that one?!


Mum Gone Mad said...

Good distraction technique, although it sounds like she wasn't too stressed anyway. Still not jealous of you having a trip lol. Have a good time and write lists, I find lists being crossed off take the edge of anxiety (thinks... must follow own advice) luv Karen x

Under the Influence said...

You will have so much fun! I'm green with envy (it is Earth Day, you know!).

Linda said...

I've lost my itinerary after accidentally deleting it, it did look good tho - non stop! I read your title to this post and thought that you meant you wear little pants except when you go to bed. So I just wanted to let you know I only have big pants.

See you in the bar. xxx

family affairs said...

Well at least you only have to steal an ipod - I am going to have to steal one of my children's laptops because I am such an unprofessional blogger and don't own one of my own!! How crap is that...any yes, maybe you're right. Maybe I will be ready to come back to all the mess after working through our itinerary - it doesn't make much allowance for hangovers does it? Lx

family affairs said...

Ps - now I"m worried I don't have big pants or hair straighteners Lx

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

I don't have big pants or hair straighteners either. You'll have a great time. Enjoy it!

ModernMom said...

I vote yes to both new PJ's and seeing the Finding Nemo. It's a great little show! And don't worry about getting sick on the roller coasters. They are so fast there is no time!
You are going to have a blast at work :)

English Mum said...

Now I'm REALLY worried. I don't have an Ipod/iPOD/IPOD/whatever (and I'm not even really sure what one is), I'd totally forgotten about travel plugs - where is mine? I don't have a laptop, I sleep in a sports bra and big pants (I read somewhere that your boobs go south quicker if they're left to their own devices during the night) and neither of my children are talking to me. Oh and I think I'll be sick on the roller coaster too.

I'll be the red faced, anxious-looking one next to Linda in the bar :0)

Working mum said...

Or you could adopt my approach: I went to Disney before daughter was born and when she looks at the photos and asks if we can all go, I tell her we'll go when she's saved up enough pocket money! Bless her, she's saved about £7.25 and refuses to spend any of her pocket money on books, comics or sweets because she's "saving up to go to Disney"!

b said...

You will have a great time, and the kids will be cool, just bring them home fab pressies and you will be the best mummy ever!

Maternal Tales said...

I'm thinking it might be a bit hot for new pyjamas - big pants will probably do (unless of course you're sharing a room)! Don't want to give everyone a fright!

You'll have a fantastic time. Just having a break from 'MUMMY!!' will do you the world of good.