Friday, 13 February 2009

she looks at me, at herself, at my nether regions

When I wrote Cheap at half the price yesterday it brought back memories of another conversation ...

In the car just me and the 4 year old. We stop at the traffic lights.

A heavily pregnant woman crosses the road with her child.

4 year old – She has a baby in there doesn't she?

Me – Yes, she does

4 year old – I was in your tummy once wasn’t I?

Me – Yes, you were

4 year old - How did I get out of your tummy?

At this point I wonder whether to be truthful or fob her off with tales of storks, fairy dust and a drum roll.

It’s a case of fob her off and have to face it another time or tell the truth and face the consequences.

4 year old – Did I come out of your belly button?

I am feeling brave, I can deal with this.

Me – No … you came out of my girly bits.

Stunned silence, she looks at me, at herself, at my nether regions then back at herself.

4 year old – Don’t be silly mummy.

Me – It’s true, you came out of my girly bits.

She looks at me and shakes her head, then clutches her belly and gives the biggest laugh.

4 year old - How did I really get out?

I can't win. A trip to the bookshop may be in order.


Corey Schwartz said...

Ha! I am so lucky. I had two C-sections. Much easier to explain that.

mothership said...

I foolishly told Four the truth about my natural birth with her and my C-section with One. Now she is resolute that she will only be adopting a baby. She says she doesn't want her tummy cut open or to push a fat baby out her 'pagina' because she thinks it will hurt more than a poo. She is remarkably perspicacious and much cleverer than me.

Ladybird World Mother said...

!!! Well, it does seem a really mad place to come out of, eh?!

Melipop said...

Brilliant. And it makes me grateful to be at the two mangled words communication stage still. Pagina. I'm going to use that. These are some really cool children.

More than a Mother said...

LOL I can't help feeling that honesty too early could scar a child for life...

Sparx said...

Well it DOES hurt more than a poo... if any of your kids come out with a better explanation, perhaps we can tell medical science to investigate?

Coding Mamma (Tasha) said...

It is quite weird to explain, really! I (and two of my cousins and my best friend; think my mum must have got a job lot) had a book that explained all about it, in cartoons. I do recall a conversation about it, but I imagine I asked questions.

I'm so not looking forward to that one!


LOL - Like Corey, I had two C-sections so "you came out of my tummy" is so easy. Well, all these years later maybe. And because they're boys they're not a bit bothered at all :-D