Monday, 2 February 2009

Mr Skinny Legs

Last night the 4 year old stuck her tongue up the cold tap in the bath. She was trying to catch drips and went one step further.

To put her off a) catching tongueitis or b) getting it stuck I told her that a ferocious spider lives up there.

I know, I know, the word ferocious was unecessary, but it just fell out of my cavernous mouth.

That there may be a spider lurking is fact. Many an eight legged wee beasty has been saved from the slippy slidy confines of our bath and thrust out of the window to pastures new.

The 4 year old spent the remainder of her bath sitting as far away as possible, almost on the 3 year olds knee, keeping one eye on the tap at all times.

The 3 year old, who has had another ear infection and is virtually deaf again, only heard the word 'spider' causing him to look suspiciously around the bath for, I can only assume, the water skiing variety of spider.


Kitty said...

It's going to cost your daughter loads of money to pay the therapist who has to listen to her 'petrified of spiders' neurosis come pouring forth in 30 years time! ;-) x

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Oops! Two serious cases of arachnophobia that.

Mum's the word said...

Great post.
I'm a single mum and I'm an arachnaphobic (sp?)
If I think that I have seen something out of the corner of my eye, then I am on 'spider' alert.
Its a bad, bad phobia. Gives me hots sweats, palpitations, hyperventilation and hair standing on end on back of neck. Yes I am a wuss, wimp, whatever.
I'm 40 and my mum has just suggested that I have some therapy.
There is a big world out there and it's funny what scares us.

Robert said...

And I try to encourage my kids to pick up spiders, so that they don't develop arachnophobia... Funny how we all do things differently!

Mothership said...

We have black widow spiders where we live so we have encouraged a healthy respect of arachnids! Not terrified fear, but more of a say hello, look closely but don't pick them up, whatever you do. However the children have bug cages that they keep all kinds of other unfortunate insects in as 'pets'. Inevitably they get left in there without food and water in the blistering sun and die a slow, horrible death. Seems fair?

Little Ms J said...

I have a feeling we'll hear more about this subject in future posts! Aside from obvious phobias I fear the phobia of bathing most. You never want your kid to be the stinky one in class! How funny!