Saturday, 7 February 2009

Swanning about sans enfant ...

I have spent the afternoon 'swanning' around Harrogate sans enfant.

There I said it!

I should be pelted in the village square.

We don't have a village square but if we did it would have stocks and an abundance of overripe tomatoes.

Twas great. I went with my sister to get her belated birthday present. We spent a blissful 45 minutes in Habitat. I stroked towels and considered buying a soft red flannel just because it felt nice and then remembered that we have 50 flannels at home.

We sniffed candles which were labelled with the following descriptions; croissants, moss, freshly cut grass, sparkling water and my favourite ... fresh air. Much giggling ensued.

I watched calmly as a small child, not dissimilar in age to my own boy, ran round the glassware section with a Pizza Express balloon screaming 'You can't catch me' to his mother who looked like she was about to pass out or have heart failure.

We had lunch in Caffè Nero on our own. No sharing, no shouting and no shrieking.

The teenagers next to us chatted over their coffee and muffins with their thick black lashes, long floaty hair and Juicy Couture handbags. I can't remember having enough pocket money to buy coffee and muffins, let alone a Juicy Couture handbag when I was a teenager!

We looked in Cath Kidston at things that we would like to buy but thought were too expensive.

We looked in Lakeland and Peter Matturi at silicon cake moulds.

We mooched in Waterstones and I took advantage of a BOGOF in the children's section and purchased several books for the present cupboard.

I bought cheaper than cheap tops for the children in H&M.

Swanning about in Harrogate was a breath of fresh air, but it didn't smell like the candle in Habitat.


Ladybird World Mother said...

This sounds like bliss... especially when you see child Behaving Badly and you can rejoice once more in your Skiving! Glad you had fun.

Kylie w Warszawie said...


Oh, and a girls day would be wonderful right about now. Of course, I'll have to find some girls first.

Mum's the word said...

I've just had a child free 24 hours. My little girl had a sleepover and I went dancing, so much fun. Will blog it later.
I even got to sleep in this morning, such a treat.
I think I'm having another 24 hours in a couple of weeks.
And H&M rocks!!

Sparx said...

Heaven! Utter heaven. Who did you bribe?

The Book Chook said...

I don't know about fresh air candles, but if someone invents a candle that smells like rain on sun scorched earth, I'm there. It is so hot here, that Aussie mums are flocking to the shops with their offspring in tow, just to keep cool.

A Modern Mother said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful! Book another day for it, before you forget.

Kitty said...

Sounds blissful - seeing other people's children behave like that does you the world of good, doesn't it? ;-) x

Tawny said...

I love days like that, though I still end up keeping an eye out for her even when she isn't there!

A Modern Mother said...

Also, highlighting your blog over on the Ning this week...

Mary T said...

Laura are you being paid for product placement? If so I wish to get on this bandwaggon.