Sunday, 1 March 2009

We love Lulu and we just want her home

Yesterday we lost Lulu.

Lulu is the 3 year olds best friend. A soft lamb which he has slept with and loved for all of his 3 years.

Her stuffing has worn away making her slouch, she is a bit smelly and she could do with a good clean.

I had been out with teacher friend mother of three and we had visited a museum and a clothing store. It didn't dawn on me until we got home that Lulu was missing.

I rang the museum which was closed and then the clothing store.

I spoke to someone who said nothing had been handed and got a bit emotional. I told her that we love Lulu and that we just want her home. I left my number with someone who probably thought I was ringing from the home for the terminally bewildered and asked them to call if she turned up.

The 3 year old is having his ear operation this week and Lulu was going to go with him to hold his hand. I paced up and down the kitchen. I rang teacher friend mother of three several times to ask her to search her car.

In my mind I was berating myself for not buying two Lulu's all those years back when my pregnant heart fell in love. I thought about tracking another down on ebay, but decided it just wouldn't be the same. There is only one Lulu.

I actually felt like crying, bereft; all for a smelly, floppy lamb.

Then the phone rang, it was the clothing store, they had found Lulu. I danced around the kitchen, I rang teacher friend mother of three again, I then broke the news to the 3 year old that Lulu was having a sleepover and they would be reunited the following day.

He seemed a little disappointed, but happy that Lulu would get to try on all those clothes. I must admit, I expected more devastation, after all they have never spent a night apart

... Which begs the question, who is more attached to Lulu?

I think Lulu will be holding my hand in hospital when my boy goes into the operating theatre.


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The Dotterel said...


Noble Savage said...

I would be beside myself if we lost my daughter's constant companion, a giraffe named Big Wowie (long story). Glad that Lulu was found!

Kitty said...

Yay for Lulu! Neither of mine were attached to any particular toy. I never knew whether to be disappointed or relieved that at least it didn't matter if we lost one?! x

LoopyLu said...

Hello. I've just discovered your blog and am enjoying reading it. Thought I'd pop a comment on to say hello. I'm also very relieved Lulu has been found! :)

Anonymous said...

My post today is on a similar topic - great minds think alike. We lost my 5 year old's conforter recently but then found it the next day in the boot of my sister's car. And I wa the one almost crying with relief!

Frog in the Field said...

I know just how you feel.
My eldest (now 14) has 'bunny'.
Bunny has no whiskers because they've been loved off and his fur is matted, but we're all so attached to him.
My 6 ft God Son brought his favourite toy up to show me because I'd asked where it was..I felt really emotional remembering how I'd done an operation on it sewing the ear back on!

Expat mum said...

I remember when we left the Queenager's hippo on a plane. The Ball & Chain and I were depressed for days. Fortunately, she still had Katie the (skanky) koala; it would have been a completely different story if Katie had disappeared. Even now there would be hell to pay!

Ladybird World Mother said...

I so get this! We have Teddy here.. and if he went missing I would cry my eyes out! Weird... but only because it would be so awful for my son. We lost Bee, youngest child's, and it took months for youngest to sleep well again. awful. Welcome back Lulu!!!

Courtney said...

We have a Baaar lives around these parts.... Polar Baaar to be exact. He has been from Australia, to Canada, to Australia and back to Canada again. I think both Bronwen (4) and I(somewhat older) would sit down and cry like babies if Baaar got lost.

Im so glad Lulu is safe.

lunarossa said...

Don't worry about the grommets operation. Everything will be over in minutes! My son had it done when he was four and his hearing and glue-ear improved dramatically. I was more distressed than him! Glad that Lulu is back home safe and sound. We've got a stuffed bear called Lola that we have misplaced many times in the last years but always made her way back home at the end. Wish you all the best for the operation. Ciao. A.