Friday, 8 August 2008

Sleep Fairy

One day I will be able to write a blog without mentioning sleep … or lack of.

When the children are in bed it is my time, my time to sit down, to have a glass of wine and expel sigh of relief. It’s my time to decide, based on the day’s events, whether I should receive an award for ‘Mother of The Day’ or if I should try again harder tomorrow and hope social services haven’t been informed about my poor performance.

Since we returned from camping the situation has become dire. The 4 year old goes to bed without a hitch then spends the following 2 hours thinking of reasons why she shouldn’t remain there. She sits at the top of the stairs and explains that it’s too noisy outside, she just can’t sleep, the label in her pyjamas is itchy, she’s too hot or cold, the graze on her leg from 3 weeks ago is keeping her awake, to name a few.

In desperation I summoned the Sleep Fairy. She arrived the following day, fluttering her wings and waving her magical wand, leaving a trail of sparkly sleep dust. The Sleep Fairy’s job is simple; she flies into the rooms of 4 year old girls who have stayed in their bed all night and leaves a small token of her appreciation. We had a big discussion about what the sleep fairy would expect from the 4 year old. The 4 year old asked sensible questions about the Sleep Fairy’s route into the house when the windows were shut to which I replied ‘Magic’, my standard reply to anything that I can’t fathom.

She’s been here a week and her generosity has known no bounds. The 4 year old is not only rich in sleep, but gifts too, which she presents proudly to us when she wakes.

However, it seems that after a week of good behaviour the sleep fairy has decided that her services are no longer required. In truth – the gift box is empty, Tesco haven’t made their weekly delivery … and to be honest, I forgot. My options were slim. She was going to be fobbed off with her own toys or a packet of tuna pasta bake.

Last night in place of the usual gift was a letter which read;

‘Thank you for being such a clever girl and staying in bed.
You no longer need me, but I will be watching over you.

Well done.
Love The Sleep Fairy xx’

It turns out this wasn’t on the 4 year olds agenda because when I read the note to her she looked solemn and it wasn’t a big shock when I sat down tonight and heard a little voice say ‘Mummy, I’m hot and I can’t sleep’.

I am going to have to sell my soul to the Sleep Fairy.

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