Thursday, 17 July 2008

Stunt Boy

My youngest child is 2 and a half. He has stumbled through his life from one accident to the next, usually involving his head or knees and a hard surface. Surprisingly, I have only been to A&E twice. On the last occasion he appeared to me gushing blood from his mouth like a fountain. Unable to prise his mouth open (even with the bribe of chocolate buttons) and after a brief discussion with his 4 year old sister we established that he had scootered down the steps in the back garden and collided with the concrete.

After two hours in the children's waiting room of A&E he regained his composure and began his crusade. He fell in a toy box, jumped off the seats, demanded several boxes of raisins and casually flirted with a 3 year old girl with an foot injury.

When we eventually saw the nurse he confirmed in 40 seconds what I already knew ... 2 spoonfuls of Calpol, a good nights sleep and Stunt Boy would be just fine.

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