Thursday, 11 September 2008

Divine Intervention

I would probably class myself as an atheist. I was christened and went to church fairly regularly as a child, until that is my mother died when I was nine and God and I parted ways.

I find amusement in the crazies who stand in the city centre with loud hailers clutching a bible with their beards and anoraks shouting the odds and I feel sorry for the deluded Saturday morning, briefcase carrying visitors who I hide behind the sofa from.

The 4 year old started school last week. The school is a church school and was picked for the school provision rather than the religious background. The husband and I both attended church schools and are living testament that a bit of hymn singing and the odd prayer never hurt anyone. I’m not sure what they’ve taught her so far about Jesus though because during tea she announced that Jesus makes electricity and puts batteries in things.

It all started this morning …

When the husband and I went away to Edinburgh recently we brought the children back ‘we left you for two nights and had a great time guilt’ presents. The 2 year old got a Bob the Builder Sweeper and the 4 year old got a pair of binoculars. She did ask for binoculars, we weren’t being tight. I just don’t remember her asking for night vision binoculars. As I perused the shelves in John Lewis, I came across a pair of bog standard binoculars, I was pleased. The husband however, as I can only assume most men would, was more than pleased about the night vision binoculars which had the word ‘spy’ on the packaging and were more expensive. He could see no reason why we shouldn’t purchase them.

Every night since, the 4 year old has lain in bed playing with the binoculars. Apparently the novelty of being able to see your own ceiling and bookshelf after ‘lights out’ hasn’t worn off. These binoculars require 4 x AAA batteries a week due to them having several pop out infra red lights. So, last night as I was saying goodnight, she realised that the batteries had run out again. I told her that due to excessive binocular use we had no batteries and I would buy some the following day.

This morning I could hear her chuntering to herself on the other side of the bedroom wall. When she came in I asked her who she had been talking to.

“Jesus” she answered casually.

“Oh yes? What did he have to say?” I asked her.

“He told me he’d fixed my binoculars and I was thanking him” she said as she wandered off to get them. She came back and she was right, they were working.

I have decided that if Jesus is going to provide our electricity and batteries then I’m a believer!

I might see if she'll ask him to provide a new washing machine too because it's on the way out.

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motogpnews2004 said...

Any chance your four-year-old could pray for a full tank of petrol in my car? I'll pay-for-pray.